I committed to writing after reading Julie Yip-Williams' My Cancer Fighting Journey. Before that, I had been traveling on the road to academe. I found in academic texts valuable information but not quite beauty or art. Julie's writing sparked my curiosity of nonfiction. She made me see it as part of a cool magic that precisely summons what is unspoken, but common and defining. I wanted to know how to use that magic, too. It seemed capable of redefining perspectives and giving a steadier pace to emotions, which is what I needed after I became a mother.

I continue to write inspired by other writers, including Tony Tulathimutte, Elizabeth Bishop, Garth Greenwell, Katie Kitamura, Haruki Murakami, Manzoor Ahtesham, Doris Lessing, Emile Zola, Kukrit Pramoj, Sigrid Nunez, and Min Jin Lee. 

I am aware that none of the authors I enjoy is or was a Thai woman, as I am. Why this may be troubles me. Perhaps it foments why I​ write.


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