I've written in diverse styles, and, as I mentioned in my Dance/Movement section, I don't casually share my writing online because of previous experiences with plagiarism. However, I am grateful that you are interested in my written work. I would like you to know that in June 2021, I will be workshopping parts of a novel about climate change, social chaos, and "uncomfortable situations" that arise when our actions do not mimic or agree with those close to us. It isn't my first time writing about climate change. At the University of Pennsylvania, I underwent an Independent Study with Prof. Matthew Hartley to study what would incentivize more professors to teach about sustainability. Findings from the research were presented at the International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic, and Social Sustainability in Split, Croatia (2014).

I have also written short stories about urban families and their disconnect with the natural world and hope to amass enough for a collection, but for now my focus of production is the novel about climate change.

To develop my work, I work with mentors in my MFA program, as well as with external editors and writing groups, including a Williams College Alumnx Writing Group, which I founded and organize workshops for monthly.